Help! I can't print my voucher.

While LivingSocial doesn't have the ability to help with technical issues regarding problems with printing our vouchers, we’d still like to offer some suggestions to rectify the problem:

  • If you received an email about your voucher being ready, click “view” at the bottom of the email to download a PDF file of your voucher. If you’re using a PC, you’ll need Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer to open this file. You can find the latest version of Adobe Reader here:

  • If you can’t print your file from your e-mail, please follow these steps to access your LivingSocial account to view your voucher:

    • Login to your LivingSocial account with your email and password

    • Click “my vouchers” at the top right of the page

    • Locate the deal you want to print and click “view voucher”

    • Print and enjoy!

  • If your printed voucher has lines or marks on it, please make sure that your printer heads are clean and that you have a sufficient supply of ink.

  • If you see an “Output File Name” error message, follow these steps: File > Print > If the “Print to File” box is checked, uncheck it > Hit “Print”.

  • If you are seeing a gray or blank screen, try saving the file to your computer first and then opening it. We have noticed that people using Internet Explorer sometimes have this problem when trying to open the PDF through their browser, so saving it to your desktop instead might help.

Note to Gmail users: If you’re having trouble viewing your voucher via Gmail’s Documents feature, please click the “Download” button instead of the “View” button to open your voucher.

If after reviewing these tips you still cannot view your voucher, we suggest you visit Adobe Reader's troubleshooting page: We're rooting for you!

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