How do I give a deal as a gift?

Giving the gift of LivingSocial is easy! You have a couple different options when gifting. Here’s the scoop:

Email it
We’ll email the recipient their voucher with a personalized note from you. You can schedule the email to be delivered at any date in the future.

Print it
We'll email the voucher directly to you. You decide how and when to surprise someone with it.

To become the world’s greatest gifter, just follow these steps:

During Purchase:
1. Find the deal you would like to gift.
2. Click 'Buy Now.’
3. Select a quantity from the 'Gifts' drop-down.
4. Choose how you would like the gift sent (email it, print it, or mail it).
5. Fill in the contact information for your lucky recipient (depending on the option you select: enter name, email address, shipping information, and/or personal message).
6. Hit 'send my gift' and voilà-- gifting is complete!

1. Log in to your LivingSocial account and click 'My Vouchers' in the upper right-hand corner.
2. Scroll down to your chosen deal and click 'Give as Gift.'
3. Choose to either have us email the voucher to the recipient with a personalized note from you, or to have us email the voucher to you so you can decide when and how to surprise someone with it.
4. Fill in the contact information for whichever option you choose and click ‘Send My Gift.’

One more thing -- if you marked your voucher as a gift when making the purchase but did not select a recipient, that voucher will be emailed directly to you and can be accessed under the 'My Vouchers' tab in your account. Still want to gift it? Forward the voucher email to your friend or select “give as gift” under 'My Vouchers.'

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