How do I use my redemption code?

How to Redeem Your Deal:
To use your redemption code, you should access the merchant’s website by copying and pasting the web address printed on your voucher into the address bar of your computer.*

Once you’ve copied and pasted the link into the address bar, you’ll be taken directly to the merchant’s website. You can then follow the redemption instructions as listed on your voucher. Make sure to enter your voucher redemption code exactly as it’s written on your voucher.

*Hint: The address bar is the long white bar at the top of the page. You shouldn’t paste the link on your voucher into a search engine (such as Google or Bing). If you’d like more information about how to copy and paste from your LivingSocial voucher, check out this video.

Having Trouble?
If you have trouble with your redemption code, it’s best to speak with the merchant directly. Even though we partner with merchants to bring you great offers, they have all the information to troubleshoot technical issues and are happy to help. If you’re still having trouble after working with the merchant, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 202-400-2100.

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