How does the Me+3 promotion work?

We may provide you with a referral link after you purchase a voucher that you can send to your friends, telling them about the great deal you just purchased. If three of your friends purchase the deal by using your referral link... wait for it... one of your vouchers is free!

Here’s how it works:

1. Purchase one of our stellar deals and become the envy of all
2. If we provide you with a referral link via email (or in your LivingSocial account), forward it to your friends
3. If three of your pals purchase the deal (using their own credit card information of course!) and use your referral link, one of your vouchers is FREE! (You're welcome!)
4. You may also retrieve this special referral link by clicking on 'Today's Deal' to go back to the deal page and click the blue 'Copy' button

There's no catch, really. The opportunity to get a Free Deal is only available for Deals where LivingSocial sends you a personalized link. Where you receive a personalized link after you buy a voucher first, you must get three separate individuals to 'each' purchase the deal through your referral link. If that happens, one of yours is free!

Purchasing three deals yourself will not give you an additional voucher free, and the number of deals purchased by each friend you refer does not increase your chances of receiving a free voucher. Don't try and be sneaky, we'll know. LivingSocial reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.

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