How does the Me+3 promotion work?

Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase one of our stellar deals and become the envy of all

  2. If we provide you with a referral link via email (or in your LivingSocial account), forward it to your friends

  3. If three of your pals purchase the deal (using their own credit card information of course!) and use your referral link, one of your vouchers is FREE! (You're welcome!)

  4. You may also retrieve this special referral link by clicking on "Today's Deal" to go back to the deal page and click the blue "Copy" button

Note: Me+3 is only available on certain purchases. You'll know if your purchase is eligible for the Me+3 promotion if you receive a referral link via email or in your LivingSocial account.

If you shared your deal with three friends but haven’t received a reimbursement, your friends may not have used the correct link to buy their deals. Our referral links are tracked by our system, so when one is used, the purchase is automatically associated with your account. When the third referral purchase has been successfully processed, it’s tagged to your account and you’re not charged for your deal. If your account doesn't show that three users made purchases through the referral link generated for you when you purchased the deal, you'll be charged for the purchase.

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