I shared the deal with 3 friends! Why wasn't my deal free?

Thanks for getting in on a great deal and for spreading the word about LivingSocial. We really appreciate it!

We bet you’re wondering why you didn’t get your deal for free, right? Just so you know, our referral links are tracked by our system, so when one is used, the purchase is automatically associated with your account. When the third referral purchase has been successfully processed, it’s tagged to your account and you’re not charged for your deal.

Unfortunately, your account does not show that three users made purchases through the referral link generated for you when you purchased the deal. We offer multiple opportunities to share deals, so next time, make sure you are sharing the special referral link given to you AFTER you make a purchase by clicking the blue ‘Copy’ button.

We are beyond flattered that you shared information on our deals with your friends and we want to ensure you get credit for your efforts. In the future, please be sure to “emphasize” (“air quotes” work well!) to those you refer that they must use the specific link you provide to purchase the deal, in order for you to receive credit for the referral. Since this is an automated process, us humans cannot manually link purchases from other sources to your account to provide referral credit. In the words of the silver-tongued crooner Stevie Wonder, “that’s what (your) friends are for.”

Still, we truly apologize that things didn’t work out this time, but totally encourage you to continue spreading the word, as you have the potential to receive each of your purchases free with our referral program.

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