Tesco Clubcard FAQ

What is the Tesco Clubcard?
Thanks for your interest in our partnership with Tesco Clubcard! To learn more about the Tesco Clubcard program, please visit the Tesco Clubcard website.

How Can I Earn Tesco Clubcard Points on LivingSocial?
Great question! We'll walk you through it.

Once you have a Tesco Clubcard number, the next step is simple -- link your Tesco Clubcard with your LivingSocial account here. After linking your card, you will earn Tesco Clubcard points for the LivingSocial purchases you make. Every £1 you spend on LivingSocial UK Deals will earn you 1 Tesco Clubcard point. It’s that easy!

I bought a Deal before I Linked My Tesco Clubcard, will I Earn Points for it?

Any deals that you buy on the same calendar day that you link your Tesco Clubcard will earn points, even if you buy them before you submitted your card details.
What Terms and Conditions apply?
For full LivingSocial terms and conditions, please refer to terms and conditions. For individual exclusions, please see the Fine Print details stated on LivingSocial deals. For further information relating to Tesco Clubcard use, refer to the Tesco Clubcard terms and conditions. Clubcard points are not available for LivingSocial Ireland Deals.

Where Can I See the Points I’ve Earned?
Your points will be shown on the Tesco Clubcard quarterly statements and a full breakdown can be viewed online within the Tesco My Clubcard Account website.

How Can I Spend My Tesco Clubcard Points?
The points you earn with your Tesco Clubcard can be spent at Tesco in-store or online, and they can be applied towards hundreds of rewards -- ranging from holidays to meals out, hotels to cinema tickets. For more information, please visit the Tesco Clubcard website or contact them at: 0800 591 688.

What if My LivingSocial Purchase Is Refunded?
Refunded purchases will not receive Tesco Clubcard points, or the points will be removed if already applied.

What if My Tesco Clubcard Number Changes?
If your Tesco Clubcard number changes for any reason, simply notify us on this page. We’ll update your LivingSocial account to link the new Tesco Clubcard number. Once we’ve made the change, your future purchases will be credited to your new Tesco Clubcard number.

Who Can Help Me?
For information on how the Tesco Clubcard works or to apply for an account, you can reach out to Tesco directly by calling 0800 591 688. Also, you can contact them by email or post using the details here.

For all other enquiries, we encourage you to write us. You can submit a help request directly on this page!

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