What are the refund policies for gifting?

LivingSocial’s refund policy can be found in Section 6 of our Online Terms and Conditions under the header "Refunds," and a summary of the applicable refund policy will appear on each voucher.

If you give your voucher as a gift to another person, LivingSocial will only provide you with a refund (a) through your deal's expiration date and (b) if the person to whom you gave the voucher has not added the voucher to their account. If you contact LivingSocial past the expiration date, or if the recipient of the voucher has added the voucher to his or her account, LivingSocial cannot refund you. Any recipient who has added a voucher to his or her account may request a refund until the expiration date listed on their voucher. All refunds to recipients of vouchers will be given in Deal Bucks, placed in their account for future use on qualifying LivingSocial purchases.

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